FinCEN’s Strategic Plan

FinCEN Strategic Plan Archive

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network views strategic planning as an ongoing leadership activity crucial for maintaining organizational effectiveness and relevance. Our strategic planning efforts serve as the foundation for operational planning, day-to-day management, and ongoing assessment of our accomplishments.

As such, FinCEN supports the Department of the Treasury’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2018-2022 (updated in 2020) to fulfill its mission to enhance the integrity of financial systems by facilitating the detection and deterrence of financial crime. Specifically, FinCEN supports Treasury Goal 3: Enhance National Security and the following strategic objectives for these efforts.

  • Strategic Objective 3.1: Strategic Threat Disruption
  • Strategic Objective 3.2: Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism Framework

FinCEN also supports Treasury’s Goal 5: Achieve Operational Excellence—Strategic Objective 5.1: Workforce Management—to meet mission objectives and strategies for accomplishing its management goals. For this goal, FinCEN inspires to develop, engage, and optimize its workforce with the competencies necessary to accomplish our mission.