SAR Assists in Identifying Money Remitter Sending Money to Iraq

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In March 2002, as a result of a lead provided from a SAR, an investigation was initiated into an individual doing business as an unlicensed money remitter. The funds were being wired to a bank account in Jordan.

In October 2002, U.S. Customs agents executed a search warrant on three residences and seized approximately $6,600, along with computers and numerous documents. The subject admitted during an interview to sending money to Iraq through his brother in Jordan. Moreover, the subject admitted that he knew a portion of the funds was going to Saddam Hussein, as part of the cost of doing business in Iraq.

In conjunction with the search warrants, agents interviewed clients of the unlicensed money remitter, who admitted that they knew the money was being sent to Iraq via Jordan.

(Source: U.S. Customs Service)

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