Re-register means to re-file a registration form (with information different from that reported on the form originally filed) during the initial registration period (before the deadline for renewal) because an event triggering re-registration has occurred. An MSB must be re-registered when any of the following events occurs during a registration period:

  • Change in Ownership or Control under State Law. There has been a change in ownership or control of the MSB that requires the MSB to be re-registered under State law.
  • Transfer of Voting Power or Equity Interest. More than 10 percent of the voting power or equity interest of the MSB has been transferred (except MSBs that must report such transfer to the Securities and Exchange Commission);
  • Increase in the Number of Agents. The number of agents of the MSB has increased by more than 50-percent.

To re-register, the registration form, TD F 90-22.55, must be completed and filed not later than 180 days after the date the triggering event occurs.

The calendar year in which the triggering event occurs is treated as the first year of a new 2-year registration period.

31 CFR 1022.380(b)(4) (formerly 103.41(b)(4))