FinCEN's Office of Strategic Communications responds to questions from the media concerning Bank Secrecy Act requirements, FinCEN's mission, enforcement actions, and rulings. Media organizations with questions and/or requests for information or interviews can reach FinCEN's Office of Strategic Communications at 703-905-3770.

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Ronald K. Noble, Treasury's Under Secretary for Enforcement, will chair the fourth meeting of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Advisory Group today. "The BSA Advisory Group anticipated the letter and spirit of the President's recent regulatory reinvention initiative," said Under Secretary Noble. "It…

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The BSA is the core of Treasury's anti-money laundering efforts, and one of the main elements of this authority is the ability to require financial institutions to retain records that can be an invaluable tool in criminal, tax or regulatory proceedings.

"Wire transfers are the arteries of…

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Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen said regulations taking effect Thursday, December 1, will give casinos new tools to counter money laundering.

"Our goal is to shape effective counter-money laundering policies while reducing unnecessary regulatory burden," Bentsen said. "We want to enable…

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Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen Thursday announced the selection of 30 members to a special panel to give the Department advice on strengthening anti-money laundering programs and simplifying currency reporting forms.

The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Advisory Group, chaired by Treasury…