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The MSB Registrant Search Web page contains entities that have registered as Money Services Businesses (MSBs) pursuant to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations at 31 CFR 1022.380(a)-(f), administered by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

You cannot register as an MSB on this Web page. All MSB registrations must be completed electronically through the BSA E-Filing System.

The MSB Registrant Search Web page reflects information exactly as provided by the registrant. Posted entries should include: (1) Registrant's legal name, (2) Registrant's "doing business as" name (if applicable), (3) Registrant's address, (4) MSB activities in which the Registrant engages, (5) states in which the Registrant engages in MSB activities, (6) number of branches, (7) date the registration form was signed, and (8) date the registration form was received.

How do I search for MSB
Registration Information?

Step 1 Start by entering complete or
partial information in one or
more of the search fileds

Step 2 Click the searchbutton button

Step 3 On the RESULTS PAGE: click
the desired MSB's LEGAL NAME
to retrieve its printable
registration information

(MSB Services Key List)


View/download all currently registered MSBs in Excel. FinCEN is providing the information contained in this spreadsheet for the benefit of the financial institutions who use this site and requested a media type to integrate into their data processing systems. It is not intended to be a substitute for the information contained on the Web site and should not be relied on in lieu thereof.

The Web site, which is current as of March 17 2023, contains data on 26,436 registered MSBs*. This is an increase of 73 MSB registrations from the March 10, 2023 total.

*On April 2, 2021 6,026 entities were dropped from the MSB Registrant Search Web page for nonrenewal of registration. Entities that continue to provide activities which would require them to be registered with FinCEN but have been dropped from the MSB Registrant Search Web page should renew their registration immediately. MSBs must use FinCEN's BSA E-Filing System to renew their registration.