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FinCEN Launches New Money Services Business (MSB) Registration Web site

As announced in December, FinCEN today launched a new MSB Registration Web site to improve the availability of MSB registration information. The MSB Registration Web site replaces the MSB Registration List. As part of the Department of Treasury's initiative to go paperless, FinCEN will also no longer send acknowledgement letters to MSBs. The new Web site will provide MSBs, banks, regulators, law enforcement, and the general public the ability to access, search, download and print MSB registration information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Web site will contain similar information that the MSB Registration List previously contained, such as the name of the registrant, states where the registrant engages in MSB activities, and the types of MSB activities provided. The new Web site will also include the MSB Registration Number.

FinCEN will update the MSB Registration Web site weekly. MSBs will be added to the Web site within approximately two weeks of electronically filing their Registration of Money Services Businesses (RMSB) (Form 107). A paper version of the RMSB will require approximately 60 days for processing and posting to the MSB Registration Web site. Accordingly, MSBs are encouraged to electronically file the RMSB.

For more information about the new MSB Registration Web site and to use the new Web site, please click on the following link: MSB Registration Web site.

If you have questions about the new MSB Registration Web site, please contact FinCEN's Regulatory Helpline at 800-949-2732 for assistance. If you have questions about how to electronically file an RMSB, please call the E-Filing Help Desk at 866-346-9478.