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Comment Letters
Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Provision of Banking Services to Money Services Businesses 31 CFR Part 103
RIN 1506-AA85 - 71 FR 12308 - 12310
1Marrie B. Franke
VP, EMK Group, Inc.
March 10, 2006
2Erica L. Franqui
Attorney at Law, writing on behalf of
Samso's Express Money Transfer, Inc.
March 16, 1006
3Julian Mesa,
Transatlantic Bank
March 31, 2006
4John R. Topczewski,
VP & Compliance Officer
Johnson Financial Group
April 03, 2006
5Gilda Chavez, Esquire
Chief General Counsel
InterTransfers Inc.
April 04, 2006
6Augustine E. Salazar
Global Money Remittance, Inc
April 17, 2006
7Sherryl McDonald
Senior Vice President
BSA/AML Management
April 18, 2006
8Luis V. Echeverria
President & CEO
JOM Corp
April 19, 2006
9Mohammed Rashid
Placid NK Corporation
April 20, 2006
10Ned NorrisApril 24, 2006
11Brad Butler
Executive Vice President
First National Bank of Mexia
Mexia, Tx.
April 25, 2006
12Ricardo Fakiani
Compliance Officer
Global Money Remittance Inc.
April 27, 2006
13Julius L. Loeser
Chief Regulatory and Compliance Counsel
Commerce Bank
May 01, 2006
14Dexter J. Kodama
Executive Vice President
First Regional Bank
May 02, 2006
15Dave Griffin
Compliance.BSA/AML Officer
Marsbank, Pa.
May 02, 2006
16Thomas W Wilder IV
Bank of Jackson County
May 02, 2006
17Pat Daley
Vice President-Operations & Security
Spencer Savings Bank
May 02, 2006
18Jackie Reagan
BSA Officer
The Bank of Bonifay
Bonifay, Fla.
May 02, 2006
19George E. Nagy
President & CEO
Mojave Desert Bank
Mojave, Ca.
May 02, 2006
20Martha M. Ely
Assistant VP Branch Manager
West Shore Bank
Ludington, MI
May 02, 2006
21Cindy Miller
First National Bank of Louisiana
May 02, 2006
22Sandee Sweazea
American National Bank
May 02, 2006
23Pat Hubbs
Consultant for banking industry
May 02, 2006
24Ruth Wheat
BSA Officer
Southwest Community Bank
May 02, 2006
25Victor Lopez de Mendoza
Continental National Bank of Miami
May 02, 2006
26Ellen Mills
VP/Secretary of the Board/Compliance Officer
Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co.
Lexington, Ky.
May 02, 2006
27Patsy B. Rogers
Senior VP & Co
The Claxton Bank
Claxton, Ga.
May 02, 2006
28Robert Wentz
Security First Bank
Rapid City, SD
May 02, 2006
29Tracey Moore
BSA Officer
Park Avenue Bank
Valdosta, Ga.
May 02, 2006
30David W. Summers
Senior Vice President
Security State Bank
Scott City, Ks.
May 02, 2006
31Craig Wells
President & CEO
Cash Plus, Inc.
May 02, 2006
32Joseph E. Rooney
Money Transmitter Regulators Association
May 03, 2006
33Gary AmereihnMay 03, 2006
34Carol Simmons
Citizens Bank, Tx.
May 03, 2006
35Dana Paull
AVP/Compliance Officer
First Independent Bank of Nevada
May 03, 2006
36Donald Cook
Motran Services
Santa Fe Springs, Ca.
May 03, 2006
37Roger L. Snare
VP Compliance
Merchants & Southern Bank
Gainesville, Fla.
May 04, 2006
38Donna J. Butler
BSA Officer
Bank of Florida
May 04, 2006
39Julieann M. Thurlow,
Reading Co-operative Bank
Reading, Ma.
May 04, 2006
40Rozanne Pebbles
Pioneer Federal Savings & Loan Association
Dillon, MT.
May 04, 2006
41Jorge & Margarita A. Flor
President & Managing Director, respectively
Financial Consultants, Inc
May 04, 2006
42James D. Russell,
Senior Vice President
Franklin Bank
Austin, Tx.
May 04, 2006
43Paulette Chame
Vice President
Cambio Frontera
El Paso, Tx.
May 04, 2006
44Ricardo Gomez
Chief Compliance Officer
Girosol Corp
May 05, 2006
45Cristobal Torres,President
Crisam Adomo Inc.
DBA Casa de Cambio Anahuac
May 05, 2006
46Robert G. Rowe, III
Regulatory Counsel
Independent Community Bankers of America
May 05, 2006
47Richard Dangerfield
Senior Counsel
Western Union Financial Services, Inc.
May 08, 2006
48Ezra C. Levine
Howrey LLP
Writing on behalf of
NonBank Funds Transmitters Group
May 08, 2006
49Tom Haider
Vice President - Government Affairs
MoneyGram International
May 08, 2006
50Craig Rabiner
Kohn's Loan Co
May 08, 2006
51Fran Bishop
National Pawnbrokers Association
May 08, 2006
52Diana L. Taylor
Superintendent of Banks
New York State Banking Department
May 08, 2006
53Sam Shocket
King's Jewelry & Loan
May 08, 2006
54David T. Adelman
Jerry's Pawn Stores
& VP, National Pawbrokers Association
May 08, 2006
55Kenneth L. Cannon, CAMSMay 08, 2006
56Cutler Dawson
President & CEO
Navy Federal Credit Union
Merrifield, Va.
May 08, 2006
57Yvonne G. Zeminski,
VP Branch Administration
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Upperco, Md.
May 09, 2006
58David Milstein, EsqMay 09, 2006
59Kristy Moore
Assistant BSA Officer
Park Avenue Bank
Valdosta, Ga.
May 09, 2006
60Hate Free Zone Washington
Seattle, WA
May 09, 2006
61Norman Merritt
Director of Corporate Compliance
Zions Bancorporation
Salt Lake City, Utah
May 09, 2006
62Russell W. Schrader
Senior Vice President & Assistant General Counsel
May 09, 2006
63Krista J. Shonk
Regulatory Counsel
America's Community Bank
May 09, 2006
64Rita McKinney
Bank Secrecy Officer
First Security Bank
May 09, 2006
65Anthony L. Rodriguez
Chief Global Compliance Officer
Continental Exchange Solutions
dba RIA Financial Services
May 09, 2006
66Bruce Jarrett
VidChek, Inc.
dba Checks Cashed
May 19, 2006