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Comment Letters on Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Programs for Insurance Companies
67 FR 60625
1Paul B. Uhlenhop
Lawrence, Kamin, Saunders & Uhlenhop, LLC
September 20, 2002
2Bill PitsenbergerSeptember 25, 2002
3Robert H. Watts
John Hancock Life Insurance Company
October 08, 2002
4Allan J. Heindl
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company
October 09, 2002
5Jack Kim
Sierra Health Services, Inc.
October 10, 2002
6Maura Santiago-Duc's
Office of the Commissioner of Insurance of Puerto Rico
October 17, 2002
7Adolfo Krans Associates, Inc.
General Agent in Puerto Rico for Ohio National Life Insurance Company
October 22, 2002
8Christine E. Burke
Partridge, Snow & Hahn, LLP
October 24, 2002
9Joy Dawe
Ceres Group, Inc.
November 08, 2002
10Diana C. Dennett
American Association of Health Plans
November 13, 2002
11Kathleen N. Jensen
National Association of Independent Insurers
November 15, 2002
12David Johnson
Update Software Services
November 18, 2002
13Brian T. Casey
Lord, Bissell & Brook
November 19, 2002
14A. Pierce Stone
Independent Community Bankers of America
November 21, 2002
15Pat Borowski/Maria Berthoud
Professional Insurance Agents/Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.
November 25, 2002
16Joel Wood
Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers
November 25, 2002
17David A. Winston
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
November 25, 2002
18Beth L. Climo
American Bankers Insurance Association
November 25, 2002
19Charlotte M. Bahin
America's Community Bankers
November 25, 2002
20Gareth W. Tolman
American National Insurance Company
November 25, 2002
21David S. Pickett
Hartford Life
November 25, 2002
22Jonathan M. Winer
Alston & Bird, LLP for Fortis, Inc.
November 25, 2002
23Robert J. Steil
American Medical Security Insurance Company
November 25, 2002
24Michael P. DeGeorge
National Association of Variable Annuities
November 25, 2002
25Jonathan M. Winer
Alston & Bird, LLP for AFLAC, Inc.
November 25, 2002
26Franklin W. Nutter
Reinsurance Association of America
November 25, 2002
27Mari B. Maloney
American International Group, Inc.
November 25, 2002
28Henry Desmarais, MD
Health Insurance Association of America
November 25, 2002
29Richard M. Whiting
The Financial Services Roundtable
November 25, 2002
30John H. O'Byrne
New York Life Insurance Company
November 25, 2002
31Phillip Schwartz
American Insurance Association
November 25, 2002
32Cosette R. Simon
Swiss Re Life & Health America Inc.
November 25, 2002
33Carl B. Wilkerson and Victoria E. Fimea
American Council of Life Insurers
November 25, 2002
34Kenneth B. Terwilleger
Bank One Corporation
November 26, 2002
35James C. Frasher
Northwestern Mutual
November 27, 2002
36Thomas L. Fry
Member Service Life Insurance Company Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oklahoma
November 27, 2002
37Lori L. McCarney
Bank of Hawaii
November 08, 2002
38Theodore R. Groom and Douglas W. Ell
Groom Law Group
December 04, 2002
39William F. Burfeind
Consumer Credit Insurance Association
December 06, 2002
40William J. Toman
Quarles & Brady LLP
January 31, 2003