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31 CFR Chapter X Translator

On March 1, 2011, FinCEN transferred its regulations from 31 CFR Part 103 to 31 CFR Chapter X as part of an ongoing effort to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its regulatory oversight. 31 CFR Chapter X is organized by generally applicable regulations and by industry-specific regulations. There have been no substantive changes made to the underlying regulations as a result of this transfer and reorganization. Please note that documents published prior to March 1, 2011 will continue to contain citations to 31 CFR Part 103. Documents published on or after March 1, 2011 will contain citations to 31 CFR Chapter X. To assist with this transition, FinCEN has created a 31 CFR Chapter X general cross-reference index. Please visit to view the general cross-reference index and other helpful information.

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New Chapter X Translation Search

31 CFR Part 103 31 CFR Parts 1000-1099
103.11 1010.100
103.175(a) 1010.100(c)
103.131(a)(5) 1010.100(gg)
103.121(a)(8) 1010.100(iii)
103.131(a)(6) 1010.100(iii)
103.131(a)(8) 1010.100(iii)
103.121(a)(7) 1010.100(iii)
103.131(a)(3) 1010.100(r)
103.120(a)(2) 1010.100(r)
103.120(a)(3) 1010.100(tt)
103.121(a)(6) 1010.100(yy)
103.131(a)(7) 1010.100(yy)
103.170(a) 1010.205(a)
103.170(b) 1010.205(b)
103.170(c) 1010.205(c)
103.170(d) 1010.205(d)
103.12 1010.301
103.27(d) 1010.306(d)
103.27(e) 1010.306(e)
103.28 1010.312
103.30(a) 1010.330(a)
103.30(b) 1010.330(b)
103.30(c) 1010.330(c)
103.30(d)(3) 1010.330(d)(1)
103.30(d)(2) 1010.330(d)(2)
103.30(e) 1010.330(e)
103.31 1010.401
103.33(a) 1010.410(a)
103.33(b) 1010.410(b)
103.33(c) 1010.410(c)
103.33(d) 1010.410(d)
103.33(g) 1010.410(f)
103.38(a) 1010.430(a)
103.38(b) 1010.430(b)
103.38(c) 1010.430(c)
103.38(d) 1010.430(d)
103.39 1010.440
103.90(c) 1010.505(a)
103.90(a) 1010.505(b)
103.90(b) 1010.505(c)
103.90(d) 1010.505(d)
103.100(a)(2) 1010.520(a)(1)
103.100(a)(4) 1010.520(a)(2)
103.100(b) 1010.520(b)
103.110(a)(3) 1010.540(a)(2)
103.110(a)(2) 1010.540(a)(1)
103.110(b) 1010.540(b)
103.110(c) 1010.540(c)
103.110(d) 1010.540(d)
103.175(b) 1010.605(a)
103.175(c) 1010.605(b)
103.175(d) 1010.605(c)
103.175(e) 1010.605(d)
103.175(f) 1010.605(e)
103.175(h) 1010.605(f)
103.175(i) 1010.605(g)
103.175(j) 1010.605(h)
103.175(k) 1010.605(i)
103.175(l) 1010.605(j)
103.175(m) 1010.605(k)
103.175(n) 1010.605(l)
103.175(o) 1010.605(m)
103.175(p) 1010.605(n)
103.175(q) 1010.605(o)
103.175(r) 1010.605(p)
103.80 1010.710
103.81(a) 1010.711(a)
103.81(b) 1010.711(b)
103.81(c) 1010.711(c)
103.81(d) 1010.711(d)
103.81(e) 1010.711(e)
103.82 1010.712
103.83(a) 1010.713(a)
103.83(b) 1010.713(b)
103.84 1010.714
103.85 1010.715
103.86(a) 1010.716(a)
103.86(b) 1010.716(b)
103.86(c) 1010.716(c)
103.86(d) 1010.716(d)
103.87(a) 1010.717(a)
103.87(b) 1010.717(b)
103.56(a) 1010.810(a)
103.56(b) 1010.810(b)
103.56(c) 1010.810(c)
103.56(d) 1010.810(d)
103.56(e) 1010.810(e)
103.56(f) 1010.810(f)
103.56(g) 1010.810(g)
103.57(a) 1010.820(a)
103.57(b) 1010.820(b)
103.57(c) 1010.820(c)
103.57(d) 1010.820(d)
103.57(e) 1010.820(e)
103.57(f) 1010.820(f)
103.57(g) 1010.820(g)
103.57(h) 1010.820(h)
103.58 1010.830
103.59(a) 1010.840(a)
103.59(b) 1010.840(b)
103.59(c) 1010.840(c)
103.59(d) 1010.840(d)
103.71 1010.911
103.72(a) 1010.912(a)
103.72(b) 1010.912(b)
103.72(c) 1010.912(c)
103.73(a) 1010.913(a)
103.73(b) 1010.913(b)
103.74(a) 1010.914(a)
103.74(b) 1010.914(b)
103.74(c) 1010.914(c)
103.75(a) 1010.915(a)
103.75(b) 1010.915(b)
103.75(c) 1010.915(c)
103.76 1010.916
103.77 1010.917
103.61 1010.920
103.52(a) 1010.940(a)
103.52(b) 1010.940(b)
103.53(a) 1010.950(a)
103.53(b) 1010.950(b)
103.53(c) 1010.950(c)
103.53(d) 1010.950(d)
103.53(e) 1010.950(e)
103.53(f) 1010.950(f)
103.54 1010.960
103.55(a) 1010.970(a)
103.55(b) 1010.970(b)
103.55(c) 1010.970(c)
103.51 1010.980
103.137(a)(1) 1025.100(a)
103.137(a)(4) 1025.100(b)
103.137(a)(5) 1025.100(c)
103.137(a)(6) 1025.100(d)
103.137(a)(7) 1025.100(e)
103.137(a)(8) 1025.100(f)
103.137(a)(9) 1025.100(g)
103.137(a)(10) 1025.100(h)
103.137(b) 1025.210(a)
103.137(c) 1025.210(b)
103.137(d) 1025.210(c)
103.137(e) 1025.210(d)
103.16(b) 1025.320(a)
103.16(c) 1025.320(b)
103.16(d) 1025.320(c)
103.16(e) 1025.320(d)
103.16(f) 1025.320(e)
103.16(g) 1025.320(f)
103.16(h) 1025.320(g)
103.16(i) 1025.320(h)

The Chapter X Citation Translator is intended only as general reference guide for the public and not a definitive legal reference. The Translator allows you to enter a regulatory citation from 31 CFR Part 103 that is translated into its equivalent 31 CFR Chapter X citation, and vice versa. When using the Translator, it is recommend that you first review the General Cross-Reference Index, the Annotated Cross Reference Guide, or the 31 CFR Chapter X Final Rule Distribution Table available at

Please note that when entering a 31 CFR Part 103 Rule into the Chapter X Citation Translator, it is not possible to enter a more specific subsection than that listed in the General Cross-Reference Index, the Annotated Cross Reference Guide, or the 31 CFR Chapter X Final Rule Distribution Table. For example, if Rule 103.23.c.1 is entered into the Translator, a result of "No matching forms found!" will be returned because subsection (1) is too specific. However, if the Rule is instead entered as 103.23.c, a result of 1010.340(c) will be returned; no errors result because this level of specificity comports with the citation found in the resources listed above. The information entered into and generated by the Translator is neither stored nor recorded by FinCEN.

1 Please note the following citation changes included in the Chapter X Citation Translator: The first and third sentences of 31 CFR 103.22(d)(1) have been transferred to 31 CFR 1020.315(a), while the second sentence of 31 CFR 103.22(d)(1) has been transferred to 31 CFR 1010.315. Additionally, 31 CFR 103.120(a)(1) has been transferred to both 31 CFR 1020.100(d)(1) and 31 CFR 1023.100(e)(1) and 31 CFR 103.120(c)(1) & (2) has been transferred to both 31 CFR 1023.210(a) & (b) and 31 CFR 1026.210(b)(1) & (2). Please also note that any 31 CFR Part 103 citations not transferred to 31 CFR Chapter X are noted as “DELETED” only when searching under “All Regulations”. Please refer to the Chapter X Final Rule as the definitive text or to the Chapter X General Cross-reference Index for more information.