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The following publications, all produced in Fiscal Year 2005, are available on the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network website,

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2006-2008

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2004

SAR Activity Revie--Trends, Tips and Issues - Issue 8, April 2005

SAR Activity Review--By the Numbers - Issue 3, December 2004

SAR Activity Review--By the Numbers -Issue 4, May 2005

Earlier issues of the publications above are also available on our website.

The Reference Series: Funds Transfer Manual published in Fiscal Year 2005 is an Official Use Only document available to law enforcement, intelligence, and regulatory agencies. For further information about this manual, e-mail, call (703) 905-3591, or write to us:
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Post Office Box 39
Vienna, VA 22183-0039