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Program Evaluations
Program Evaluations

T he Financial Crimes Enforcement Network relies on internal and external evaluations to gauge program effectiveness and make improvements as needed. Listed below are key evaluations completed and underway during Fiscal Year 2005.

Program Rating Assessment Tool (PART)
The Program Rating Assessment Tool is a systematic method of assessing the performance of program activities across the Federal Government. It is composed of a series of questions designed to assess program performance related to the Government Performance and Results Act and the goals of the President's Management Agenda. Answers to PART questions must be supported by objective data. The PART is administered by the Office of Management and Budget, which rates the program evaluated as "Effective," "Moderately Effective," "Adequate," or "Results Not Demonstrated."

In Fiscal Year 2005, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network completed its first PART evaluation, which covered activities related to managing Bank Secrecy Act data. This program received a PART rating of "Moderately Effective."

Government Accountability Office Audits
Completed in FY 2005:
Additional Guidance Could Improve
Implementation of Regulations
Related to Customer Identification
and Information Sharing Programs

Underway in FY 2005:
Effectiveness of Bank Secrecy Act
Examinations and Enforcement

Joint Review of FinCEN's and IRS'
Management of Bank Secrecy Act

FinCEN's Responsibilities Under USA
PATRIOT Act Sections 361 and 330

Treasury Office of Inspector General
Completed in FY 2005:
Heightened Management Attention
Needed Over Longstanding
Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
Data Quality Problems

Additional Outreach and Systems
Enhancements Are Needed to
Encourage Greater Use of FinCEN's
Bank Secrecy Act E-filing

Status Report on the Establishment
of the Financial Crimes
Enforcement Network's Office of

Major Challenges Faced by FinCEN
in its Program to Register Money
Services Businesses

Underway in FY 2005:
Analysis and Dissemination of Bank
Secrecy Act and Criminal Data

Treasury's Administration of the
Bank Secrecy Act

Treasury Financial Management Assessment
Using criteria from the Office of Management and Budget, the Treasury Department sets standards for Green, Yellow, and Red performance in financial management and regularly monitors key performance indicators. The table below shows our Fiscal Year 2005 record in meeting the standards for Green performance.

Performance Chart

Internal Assessments
Completed in FY 2005:
Self-assessment of our equal employment opportunity policies and practices.

Legal review of contracting and procurement matters.