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annual report header
Annual Report Fiscal Year 2005

Table of Contents
Message to Stakeholders
About the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Bank Secrecy Act Reporting in Fiscal Year 2005
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Strategic Goals
Goal 1 - Bank Secrecy Act Administration
Goal 2 - Analysis
Goal 3 - International Collaboration
Goal 4 - E-Government
Management Goal
Organizational Units and Executive Officials
Office of the Director
Office of Chief Counsel
Analytics Division
Client Liaison and Services Division
Regulatory Policy and Programs Division
Management Programs Division
Workforce Data
Budget, Appropriations, and Oversight
Key Partners
Federal Regulatory Agencies
Bank Secrecy Act Advisory Group
The Egmont Group
Program Evaluations
Appendix A: Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing,
Other Financial Crimes, and the Bank Secrecy Act
Appendix B: Financial Data