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April 9, 2004
contact: (703) 905-3770

Proposed Changes to CMIR Form to Streamline Reporting Process, Enhance Information for Law Enforcement

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) announced today proposed changes to the current Report of International Transportation of Currency and Monetary Instrument Report (CMIR), FinCEN Form 105.

The most significant proposed change converts the multi-purpose form into two forms:

The new forms will provide additional information about the movement of currency and monetary instruments for law enforcement, while making the forms simpler and easier to complete for the individual traveler and businesses.

Written comments are invited and should be submitted according to the instructions in the Federal Register notice. The request for public comment appears in the Federal Register today for a 60-day review and comment period that ends June 8, 2004. The Federal Register notice can be viewed at: