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Hot Topics

The "Regulatory Helpline Hot Topics" provides direct links to useful and accessible information for addressing the most common and important questions that are asked of FinCEN's Regulatory Helpline. The "Hot Topics" are revised regularly to reflect the changing nature of the questions regarding BSA/AML obligations. For more information about the Regulatory Helpline or to seek assistance with your BSA/AML questions, please call 1-800-949-2732 or e-mail

Regulatory Helpline Hot Topics:
New Hot Topics
  1. How to file the FinCEN Form 114- Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) electronically
  2. FBAR E-Filing FAQs
  3. Filing the FBAR as an Individual
  4. Filing the FBAR as a Third-Party- CPAs, Attorney’s, Enrolled Agents
  5. Guidance on Determining Eligibility for Exemption from Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR) Reporting
  6. Guidance on CTR Aggregation for Businesses with Common Ownership
  7. Responses to the FinCEN CTR FAQs
  8. Responses to the FinCEN Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) FAQs
  9. Accessing the Technical E-Filing Requirements of the FinCEN FBAR, CTR, SAR, and Designation of Exempt Person (DOEP)
  10. How to file the FinCEN Form 107- Registration Of Money Services Business (RMSB) electronically
  11. Responses to the Money Services Business (MSB) FAQs