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MSB Registration Renewal Calculator*

Certain Money Services Businesses ("MSBs") are required to register with FinCEN as well as renew their registrations every two calendar years.1 We previously issued guidance on February 3, 2006 in an effort to explain the registration and registration renewal process. In our continuing effort to make Bank Secrecy Act ("BSA") compliance more efficient and effective, we offer the MSB Registration Renewal Calculator as a means to determine informally the registration renewal dates of an MSB.


  1. Determine the initial date of registration of the MSB. The initial date of registration may be determined by obtaining the date on which the MSB filed its initial MSB registration form. The MSB, as part of its BSA recordkeeping requirements, is required to retain a copy of its registration form and its acknowledgment letter for five years from the date of filing. To access, search, download and print MSB registration information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, visit the MSB Registrant Search Web page.

  2. Enter the initial date of MSB registration into the Calculator and press "submit."

  3. Deadlines on which MSB registration renewals are required will be displayed below.


*The MSB Registration Renewal Calculator is intended only as general reference for the public and should not be treated as definitive or determinative of an entity's registration status. The Calculator allows you to enter data to calculate an unofficial projection of an MSB's renewal registration date and is not an official ruling by FinCEN. Entering data in the Calculator has no effect on an MSB's official registration status, and the unofficial projected registration renewal date is not in any way binding on FinCEN. The MSB Registrant Search Web page contains entities that have registered as Money Services Businesses (MSBs) pursuant to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations at 31 CFR 1022.380(a)-(f), administered by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). The information entered into and generated by the Calculator is neither stored nor recorded by FinCEN.

1 31 CFR 1022.380(b)(2) (formerly 103.41(b)(2))
2 Id. At 1010.430(d) (formerly 103.38(d)