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Liaison Division

FinCENís Liaison Division manages the needs of FinCENís stakeholders through strong and informed relationships and serves as a nerve center for information flow in and out of FinCEN, as well as throughout the organization itself. The division:

The Liaison Division is structured into two offices Ė Domestic Liaison and Global Liaison Ė as well as the FinCEN Resource Center. Domestic Liaison is responsible for managing relationships with law enforcement, the intelligence community, regulators, and industry, ensuring that they have appropriate levels of access to BSA data and FinCEN support and services. Global Liaison is responsible for managing relationships with more than 130 financial intelligence units around the world. The FinCEN Resource Center serves as the call center for FinCEN, its stakeholders, and the public, handling a wide variety of intake requests, information exchange mechanisms, and requests for information.