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Intelligence Division

FinCEN’s Intelligence Division carries out FinCEN’s statutory responsibility to collect, analyze, and disseminate financial intelligence. The division:

The Intelligence Division is structured into two offices, one focusing on the United States and its neighbors, the other focusing globally on illicit financial activity that affects the U.S. financial system. Within each of these offices, the individual sections, organized geographically, have principal responsibility for maintaining awareness and expertise on the operations of active illicit financial networks associated with FinCEN priorities in their regions. Additionally, within the Office of Domestic Analysis, the Illicit Finance Methodologies Section provides overarching views of payments systems and their vulnerability to methods and schemes of misuse. A second team – the Data Analytics Team – uses statistical and advanced analytics to identify relevant patterns and outliers in the BSA data, producing products that present industry data profiles, as well as federal, state, local, and international data profiles.